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电视答题竞赛 · 备考复习 TV Competition Review Quizzes
      9th and 11th graders had their first unit test last week. In order to get prepared for it, we had our TV competition review quizzes.
We adapted some TV quizzes to our review contents and the result was excellent.
9th grade review competition consisted of two different games
1st  one, the famous European Pasapalabra quiz
We drew the alphabet in the shape of a circle and we read the definitions for each word. The answer was a word that starts with each corresponding letter.
The class was divided into two groups. During the first round the students needed to wait until I finished reading the complete definition to press our bell. The first team who did had a go. If they said the right word then they would win the letter and a point. If not, they would miss the letter and only the opposing team would be able to answer it in the next round.
The team with most letters won. It is an excellent way of reviewing vocabulary and the students love this game.
2nd – The Sneetches review ppt
The two teams were provided with the answer flashcards to answer the questions on the ppt. In order to do this, they needed to be the quickest ones to press the bell.
Our 9th grade winning team was the Red Cats ( Leo and Max). Great Job.
11th grade competition consisted of four different games
1st- Pasapalabra
2nd - Who wants to be a billionaire?
3rd - Identify figurative language on videos
We played this video and in groups they had to press the bell and answer the question as soon as possible.
4th Trivial Pursuit game
Here are the instructions for this game:
Each group has a piece
The group that rolls the dice and gets the highest number goes first
The aim of the game is to get a card of each color. Every time you are on a square you need to answer one question of the corresponding color that the opposing team will ask you (it is a way of making the two teams participate and review at the same time ). If you answer properly you get your card and have an extra turn. If you don´t get the answer right then it is the turn of the opposing team. Once you have all the cards, you need to head to the center of the board and you need to keep on answering the questions in the squares on the way.  When you arrive in the center of the board you need to answer one question per each color correctly. The first team to do this wins.
本游戏的目的是集齐每个颜色的卡片。走到一个格子里时,对手会向你提问对应颜色的问题(目的是让两队同时参与到知识复习当中 ),若答对则可以得到该卡片并获得新一轮的机会;若答错则机会交给对手。当集齐全部卡片后,需要向棋盘中心移动并继续回答路径上的问题,到达中心后仍要以此回答全部颜色的问题。最先完成此流程的队伍为胜利者。
Our competition was pretty close.  The Black Elephants and The red Dragons did their best but finally it was The Black Elephants ( Terry, Leo, Bill and Engdhal )  who won.
在本次活动中竞争非常激烈。黑象队和红龙队竭尽全力对抗,最终黑象队(Terry, Leo, Bill,Engdhal)最终取胜。
Review activities like these can be a great way to get the students active and involved in their learning. These review activities worked well and helped the students to get high scores on their assessments!
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