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感恩之美 The Art of Gratitude
    Gratitude is one of the words that everyone knows, but difficult to give definition to because it is about much more than just saying “thank you” when given a gift. It’s about being considerate of the feelings of others, about developing empathy, and staying optimistic whatever comes in life.
     “Gratitude is also a powerful way of thinking. Gratitude mindset always focuses us on seeing the good in everything,” says Irina, International Curriculum Headmaster.
    On Friday, November 25th, teachers and students at Beijing Shuren-Ribet International Primary celebrated Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is an important holiday in the United States. It’s a special day set aside each year when people think about and give thanks for everything they treasure in life. 
     “Even though Thanksgiving is an American holiday, its principles are universal. Thanksgiving day is an opportunity for children to learn about sharing, appreciation and compassion for others,” comments Jamila, a third-grade Homeroom teacher.  
    With Thanksgiving celebration, teachers at Beijing Shuren-Ribet International Primary embraced the opportunity to help children understand the importance of being thankful.
    “It’s important to notice and be grateful for all the wonders our world has to offer. In our classroom, we talked about nature and paying attention to the beauty around, from the birdsong to the bright leaves in the fall,” says Cheryl, a fourth-grade Homeroom teacher. 
     “We read a story about Thanksgiving. Story-time usually carries a much bigger inspiration for the children than movies and videos. The students enjoyed it very much,” shares Zanitta, a third-grade Homeroom teacher.
    “During Thanksgiving lunch in our classrooms, we talked about showing appreciation for the food we eat. It is important for children to understand how food is grown, transported and sold before it gets to our tables. It’s important to be thankful to all the people involved in this cycle,” add Richard and Shannon, second-grade Homeroom teachers.
    “I am thankful for my family and home, “ mentions Michelle from 2A.
    “We are grateful to our parents and teachers,” say Danny and Lydia from 4A.
    The students spoke about many things they are thankful for. Some of the things they mentioned included families, friends, teachers, sun, knowledge, and pets. Well done, but let’s not stop thanking after the holiday is over! 
    Thanksgiving is celebrated once a year, but wonderful things are parts of our lives every day. Let Thanksgiving Day celebration be a start to a new habit of being consciously thankful in every moment!
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