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2014~2015 国际高中交流生项目招生简章

About our school

    Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School is the only K-12 independent coeducational boarding and day school in the Tongzhou District of Beijing, China. Our commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and the development of character remains true to the founder’s guiding principles, Wang Jianchao. We continuously strive to improve upon and create synergistic blend of both Eastern and Western educational methods and ideas to serve both Chinese and international students. Our methods prepare them for further educational and future roles in a global community.

    Come and explore the beauty of China and open your eyes to the world and other cultures.  Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School’s park like campus is nestled in the Artist’s Village outside of Beijing   It is a safe and secure environment where students are encouraged to learn, explore and make a difference in the world. Expand your knowledge, continue your academic growth and learn Chinese. Join one third of the world’s population as Chinese continues to be a growing global language. Continue your American education with us!

Annual Fees  $19,300
Room & Board
Our goals
  • Provide an excellent education and challenge students to use higher level thinking skills.
  • To increase awareness of global issues
  • Empower students to be globally minded, self-disciplined, and well balanced individuals.
  •  Create lifelong learning experiences and relationships.
  • Provide students with an education that promotes a love of learning and desire to explore the world.
About our courses
  • The high school curriculum is based on the AERO International Standards and Benchmarks.
  • Students take 4 years of English Literature, 4 years of Math and Science, 3 years of  Social Science and vocational and college level courses.
  • Classes are taught in English by certified teachers who have experience in American Curriculum.
  •  Students take part in service activities, cross curricular events and projects, and explore the historical attributes of China. 
  • Students volunteer in orphanages, teach English, and help build schools and houses in rural China.  
  • Students can easily transfer in and out of our American based curriculum and prepares them for college.
Core  subjects:  English、Math、Science、Chinese、Social Studies、Arts、Music、TOEFL
Elective courses:  Model United Nations、Writing、Psychology、Theater Arts、
                              Publishing、Statistics、Vocational courses、College level courses.
  • Most of our students stay in the dorm Monday -Friday and many stay on the weekend.
  • We plan weekend excursions and activities for the student.
  • During the week we offer character education classes, fun field trips, and cross curricular activities to enhance learning.
Pricing Clarifications
  • Pricing does not include: weekend stay costs, airfare, luggage check-in fees (if incurred), airport fees, unexpected costs & all personal expenses.
Phoebe Wang
Beijing Shuren‐Ribet Private School
Email:  Phoebe@shuren.org
School Email:  shuren@shuren.org
Office: +86 10 8085 6395
Fax:   +86 10 8085 6786


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